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    Tired of the Endless Wait? 6hourly does away with transition hours Feature: Book a room on hourly basis Perk: Helps you save money

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    Some of the greatest travel apps that any of the globetrotters would like to have. This not only helps them in travelling but also it helps the organizers to plan their travel.


    From a minimum of 6 hours you can make a reservation for the time that you actually want the room for. This is great for late arrival guests, transit passengers, or for those of you who want a quick shower and break to relax. The platform features all hotel standards from budget to boutique. The good news is, according to the CEO, there are plans to extend the service throughout all major Asian cities – go for it!

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    "My advice would be to get one or two apps specifically created about the city or region you’re interested in,” recommends technology expert Alan Stevens. “[As well as] one or two general ones like TripAdvisor – the travel review website – and 6hourly, the hotel booking service.”

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    This app is one to watch, as it’s currently only available in a small selection of cities and is not yet available on iOS. The concept is so cool, however, that we couldn’t resist sharing. 6Hourly allows you to book hotel rooms for small chunks of time, so that you’re not paying an overnight fee when all you really want to do is take a quick nap or shower between flights (as an example). Los Angeles, where we live, is so sprawling and traffic-dense that this concept would probably makes the most sense for us to use at home, so we’re hoping they’re launching stateside soon.

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    It’s the bane of most in-transit people’s lives: you’ve got a red eye to catch at 11pm but you have to check out of the hotel at 10am that morning. After squeezing in another day of sightseeing, shopping and feasting, you know you’re going to arrive at the airport foul with gross hair, which trumps your chances of ever getting that upgrade. There’s only one thing for it – 6Hourly. At the moment it’s only available in India, but deffo rolling out in other nations soon. It lets you book a hotel room for as little as six hours, meaning you can get some shut eye, a good hot shower and freshen up before that arduous flight. This app gives us calming feelings.

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    Micro-stays are catching on as hotels, apps and websites allow business and transit travellers, roadies and day trippers to check in — and pay — for just a few hours.

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    We’ve all been there: you’ve got a night flight but have to check out of your hotel at 10am. You’re going to arrive at the airport hot, sweaty and stinking of the day’s sightseeing. It’s not ideal. Fortunately, this is where 6Hourly comes in. The website and impending free Android and iOS app – only operational in India (though it’s an initiative we’d like to see rolled out in more destinations) – allows you to book a hotel room for as little as six hours, meaning you can grab a shower and take a nap to freshen up before your long flight.

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  • Hospitality Biz India allows real-time bookings in 14 key cities across India in top 5-star and 4-star hotels. displays real-time inventory and attractive rates for consumers to make a quick and credible booking. The portal also offers discounts up to 60% on hotel bookings. The online hotel booking portal is also integrated with PCI compliant payment gateway providing a secure transaction environment for consumers.

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    Ideal for business travelers or those with lengthy layovers looking for a place to crash, 6hourly turns the traditional “nightly” hotel rate model on its head and imagines a solution for travelers who pay for a room only for the time they need it.

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    6hourly lets travelers book hotel rooms for a few hours at a time.