Your Hotel. Your Convenience. Your Price

How many times have you been in a situation where you are arriving at your destination earlier than the standard check-in time that hotels allow? Now you have to wait …

What about arriving at your destination after sundown? You just need the room for a night’s stay as you have that early flight out tomorrow.. so you are effectively staying at the hotel for just 12-15 hours but you need to pay for a whole day?

If “Been there… done that!” describes your reaction to the scenarios mentioned above, then we are about to give you the news you deserve!

How would you like it if Hotels were ready to give you a room at a check-in time of your choice? Do we have your attention yet? That’s not all… What if you were allowed to choose how many hours you need these rooms for if you don’t need it for 24 hours or more? YES! We let you do just that! Pay just for the number of hours you need.

Start staying smart when you travel.. you don’t need to pay for the whole day when you are not going to stay there the whole day.. as simple as that.

Visit now and get booking… Your Hotel. Your Convenience. Your Price

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