6hourly Peek : Hollywood of India

Mumbai, remembered more fondly as Bombay, is the city that never sleeps! A city so full of life, Mumbai is known for it’s amazing street food and vibrant nightlife! And lets not forget.. Bollywood!!

Looking to visit Mumbai for a quick visit? Maybe you have a meeting, or transiting via Mumbai, or maybe you’re just looking to relax and unwind? 6hourly.com has you covered in this city. No more paying for the whole day!! Choose the number of hours you need and the time at which you want a room and pay just for those hours.

Yes… it is that simple!

6hourly provides you the best offers at the Hotels you see above. Don’t worry, we have more Hotels joining soon. Our process ensures you receive the best for an unbelievable rate!

Microstay is here to stay!

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