Someone once asked me, “Which is the most happening place?” He did a double-take when I told him –“Hotel Lobby!”

I have observed over several years that the Lobby is the most crucial place. A lobby gives you an insight into the ‘insides’ of the hotel – the warmth, hospitality, service, etc. Everything is under scrutiny, when you are in the lobbyI am not however referring to the cc cameras at all !!

Meetings, waiting(s), discussions, all take place in the lobby. Of these, the ‘waiting’ is the most significant one. People wait not always for the room to be readied, but to save a couple of hours –‘oh, those hours on hand to kill’-because hotels follow a fixed-hour check-in…an extra hour or more would mean paying up for an entire extra day! This is a principle of course accepted as a ‘given’ across the globe.

And so, it was that sitting in the lobby, we thought of “lobbying” for the hotels – when the idea finally crystallized, we came out in beautiful little packages, “lobbying” for tariff-friendly hotels, on ‘a six-hourly’ basis !

Folks…it is Lobbying time with us on a ‘6hourly’ basis ! Get lobbying !!

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