Hotel by the Hours

Who said blogging is easy. Like some one said blogs have a way of taking on a personality of their own. How true… let’s see how and where it takes us.

Every time the situation demands, a new idea is born that changes the traditional methods.

As an avid traveler, and one who has been in travel industry for a while, we have seen people hesitate to book hotels just for few hours, while they are on a short trip ( a quick business meeting, a transit visit , and so on…). Hotels have traditionally rented out rooms only for a  24-hour stay, world over; irrespective of the number of hours that one really spends, they end up paying for the entire day. Many times it has resulted in compromising the kind of hotels stayed in or the reluctance to pay the full amount. The customer always looks at ‘value for money’, and the hotel, ‘money for value’. Seeing the needs of both, we set out to find a solution that could satisfy all, and that is how 6Hourly was born.

6hourly is not aimed at merely being a ‘new concept’- on the contrary, it is not. It is the resultant product that is derived after a process of quality thinking and the need for greater satisfaction.

It is our desire and hope, to create a platform where both hoteliers and travellers can share their thoughts and make the experience worthwhile.

Get ready for a six-hourly treat!