April 2015

6H is in town!

The Beta Site has gone LIVE! The team at 6Hourly is very excited to be working with our Hotel Partners to begin integration of their hotels and ensure that customers have a seamless experience. A concept born out of personal experience during our travels, We, at 6Hourly, understand exactly what you feel when you need a hotel during a flight layover, or perhaps when you just need a few hours to unwind. “Pay

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Someone once asked me, “Which is the most happening place?” He did a double-take when I told him –“Hotel Lobby!” I have observed over several years that the Lobby is the most crucial place. A lobby gives you an insight into the ‘insides’ of the hotel – the warmth, hospitality, service, etc. Everything is under scrutiny, when you are in the lobby – I am not however referring to the

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